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D’ntara Creations

D’ntara Creations Precious Inheritance

A socially frustrated Architect locks himself inside his home in South America with his Painting as his “only” companion. Frustrated by this system of things, he spent a lot of his time on a special kind of painting called ‘Abstract Painting’.

For the rest of his life, D’ntara remained in inside his room in his South American Home producing jaw-breaking Abstract paintings. By the end of his life, D’ntara had painted 650 complicated but extremely beautiful large paintings. Refusing to sell even one of his paintings, D’ntara left his paintings for his wife and children as inheritance. ArtKids Foundation has been commissioned to market D’ntara paintings through expositions. We are looking for companies or individuals who would partner with us in showcasing D’ntara’s Paintings for the World’s appreciation.

Do you want to {partner with us} on D’ntara collections?

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