SUN Solar Energy For Igbo Rural Electrification & Life Improvement


Disclaimer: Igbo is Africa~Africa is Igbo. By definition, Igbo people are the so-called Blacks, Africans, Black Americans, Haitians, Jamaicans, Yorubas, Hausas etc. The Black Race is Igbo Race.

Welcome to IGBO_SUN ENERGY $TAKEHOLDERS SUMMIT 2018 @Umueke Villa in Nkwerre of Imo~Igboland of West Africa in advance.

As if plagued, epileptic Electricity or the lack of Electric Energy is major among the greatest challenges Igbo and Africans face on daily bases. The setback caused by inadequate power supply has affected Igbo/African lives, daily living, businesses, Industries and physical illumination of Igbo/Igboland in particular and Africa in General.

It is not only illogical but also unbelievable that the Igbo who seat under the blazing influence of Hottest_Sun lack Sun Energy to power and empower their lives.

As the children of the Sun, Igbo and African people should have had constant and endless Sun energy from the beginning of time. Regrettably that is not and has never been the case.

Our mission for calling for IGBO_SUN ENERGY $TAKEHOLDERS SUMMIT 2018 is to join hands together to provide Igbo and Africans with high quality Solar Systems to power their lives, gadgets, homes, businesses and industries.

While ArtKids International supports the use of third party Solar Energy Systems for the startup, our ultimate goal is to collaborate with International Solar Energy Research Institutes in inventing high quality but affordable Solar Energy for African Consumption affordable because most Africans especially those in rural areas are not rich.

ArtKids International hereby invite Solar Energy Experts, Researchers, Manufacturers and African Solar Energy Consumers to the 1st IGBO_SUN ENERGY STAKEHOLDERS SUMMIT 2018 to be held on the 10th of November 2018 @UmuEke Villa Hall UmuEke in Nkwerre, Imo, Igboland~West Africa.

We look forward to warm, fruitful, result-oriented and memorable Sunny Dialogue. Welcome to Igboland.

Engr Ezekwesiri Enyinnaya Obioha
Managing Director: ArtKids Africa
[email protected]


Event Data:
Date: 10th of November 2018
Venue: Umueke Villa Hall Umueke
Time: 10:00AM-18:00PM

Event Address:
Umueke Villa Hall Umueke
Owerre-Nkworji Autonomous Community
Nkwerre, Imo
Igboland' West Africa

Umueke General Assemby
Umueke Villa.
Chief Charles Chukwukere

Contact Persons:
ArtKids Foundation Europe
Bastian M. Bijleveld

ArtKids Africa
Engr. Ezekwesiri Enyinnaya Obioha

Principal Event Coordinator:
Mrs. Chinonye Eburuaja

Event Website/Email:
[email protected]

Event on Social Media


10:00-11:00 AM
Music, Reception, Tagging and Networking.
11:00-11:15 AM
Welcome Remark
11:15-12:00 PM
Life without Electricity in Igboland.
12:00-12:30 PM
Epileptic Electricity-killer of Economy
12:30-1:00 PM
Sun Energy ~ The 21st Century Energy you need

Lunch Break: 1:00 PM--1:45 PM
Summary: 1:45 PM-2:00 PM

2:00 PM-2:30 PM
The Spirituality of The Sun (NNE`ORA=ANWU=EKE)
2:30 PM-300 PM
Sun=Solar Energy Around the World
3:00 PM-3:30 PM
Sun Energy Manufacturing-Basic Principles
3:30 PM- 4:00 PM
Sun Energy Benefits for Igbo/African Systems, Homes, industries and Businesses.
4:00 PM-4:15PM
Sun Energy Demos and Components
3:15 PM-4:30 PM
Potential Partners for Igbo-Sun Electrification
4:40 PM-5:30 PM
Launching of the 1st IGBO-SUN ENERGY PROJECT @UmuEke Villa (Chief Launcher)
5:30 PM-6:00 PM
Potential MOU Partners, Sponsors and Donors Expression of Interest (EOI)

Closing Remark

6:00 PM-8:00 PM
IGBO-SUN Stakeholders Meeting 2018 (Downstairs~Stakeholders only)

Summit Registration Form

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