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ArtKids and the Digital Revolution

As earth stands on the verge of an all-ground-breaking 3rd Technological revolution, humanity is presented with Both it’s greatest fears and threats and it’s greatest empowerment and opportunities ever presented in the history of mankind. Within THIS DECADE, the reality of every human being will changed forever. whether they want it or not. Every Aspect that the Modern world is build upon today, will be completely disrupted and transformed beyond recognition with the ushering in of the Revolution of A.I.

The Revolution of Autonomous Intelligence (A.I.) is being made possible by a diversity of Cutting Edge technologies. With the 5G smart grid as a backbone combined with a nervous system built from the Internet of Things, the Digital Block Chain as its limbs, and revolutionary energy systems at its heart to power the needs of both human and machines alike, all preparations have been put into place to give Birth to a new Epoch in Human Existence: A world Governed, not by man, but by a Supreme Autonomous Intelligence. What will The coexistence of humans and autonomous robots bring? One thing is for sure, the train is already running at full speed, and can not be stopped. Will it Illuminate humankind or will it sign humanity’s extermination contract? Time will tell.

ArtKids foresees that the unstoppable revolution of A.I. will inescapably be shaped by the future generation, our Children. And as it Remains our Conviction that Innocence is the universal Key to a Truthful, Righteous and Peaceful future for all people that choose to live it. We as Stichting ArtKids Foundation therefore not only feel responsible to uphold our role as Guardians of Child Innocence, but also to pro-actively help create equality in the Creative Digital Breeding ground of this Revolution regardless of ethnic or cultural backgrounds as to uphold the original Mission of Tamara, the Founding Mother of ArtKids, in the age of this transitional Digital Revolution.

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